Ka Anyi Sua Nu Onu Anyi

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Ka Anyi Sua Nu Onu Anyi

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This project aims at assisting to resolve and possibly contain the prevalent issues of sociological background, diversity, equity, and inclusiveness (DEI), culture shock, heritage, black on black disorientation and questions which our children born outside Enuani/Anioma communities especially those born in the Diaspora encounter on a daily basis. These concerns impact their psychology, eliciting inner conflict, dilemma, frustration, confusions with questions like, who am I? where do I actually belong? What is my reality? The rich cultural heritage and language especially, of the Enuani/Anioma people have all it takes to handle this situation for her children and posterity. Bikonu, ka anyi suanu onu anyi, ka anyi yali ihapu Oligbo su ma tetewa. Anioma amaka mma.

It also aims at organizing pageantry, (beauty competitions, Miss or Mr. Enuani/Anioma), cooking competitions and Enuani Language promotion in a whole new dimension through changing our narratives to align with our original/indigenous 
storyline, culture and heritage, to override what our minds have been tailored to accept over the years. Intentionality, consistency and dedication are key. Cultures across the globe have tried this, and excelled. Charity, they say, begins at home; together,we shall win. Wa si na uno ka wa si adi mai mma esi ilo.