What I offer:

I offer Coaching Support aimed at helping you break free from the emotional roller coaster typical of anticipation of what may or may not be.

Seminar, training and workshops tailored to help you understand and embrace your journey with dignity.

Guidance, assistance and empowerment resources to help you document, write and become the Author of your own story and narratives, preserving your experiences/journey’s authenticity for posterity.

Newsletter. I have dedicated my time and passion for writing to this. With it, I share resources, ranging from real life stories, using factual story telling to serve and help you shed some weight placed on you by circumstances, society, family and friends in whose lips you may have heard more cruel words than soothing ones as regards your journey with childlessness.



You and I, together, will tour the various stages of your childless journey, beginning from accepting your challenge (childlessness), looking at the grief that comes with it,  which should not be denied, taking a good look at fear that wraps it up (I personally had issues with this one) then taking control of your story, taking inspired actions at creating a better next chapter that holds a much more fulfilling, purpose driven and focus filled prospects.

Are you ready to take charge of your voice and control of the peculiarity of the uniqueness of your experiences and narratives?

Find out here:

It is for you if you are tired of being told how best you should feel, tired of living other people’s stereotype, confused about what your next step should be or afraid of what it looks like.

It is for you if you want to be guided by someone who has walked this path and probably before you or longer than you’ve walked, and liberated and is living her purposeful life.


What you stand to gain from this coaching exercise.

You will gain Understanding of where you are at your journey,  exposure to behavioral patterns that dominate this path and then, you will master new habits, coping mechanism and actions/activities that will bring transformation to your daily life experience.

You will receive focus and clarity and gain vivid knowledge of your personal values so as to be able to align them with your set goals for the future.


You will receive materials that will help you  ditch those negative emotions that hold you back from moving ahead and you can hold fear captive.

You will gain resources that will grace your confidence to embrace your new path, motivate you to begin your dream project right away.

You will be empowered to create your own step by step coaching guide to help other women in this journey.


Much more will be gained through this coaching 101 with Lilian. 

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I am childless and cherished, loved and appreciated, happy and purposeful.  I am not happy because I am childless, but happy even though I am childless.  I love children,  but I don’t have because life happened. I cried much tears, endured much pains, grieved,  been sad and happy, rode on emotional roller coasters, many times, fallen and risen . 

But above it all, I healed. 

Bottom line is that I understand you because I had been there, I walked this path you are walking now.  Though I don’t claim to have a “one size that fits all” approach to this, but, I believe in you, you and I will walk this mile together if you allow me to hold your hand, and we will break free from confusion, stagnancy, conflicting interests, society inflicted shame and stigma. We shall apply the strategy that helped me and many other women around me. 

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Hello, I am Lilian Chudey Pride. Good to welcome you to my online world. I am a Writer, Teacher, Encourager, Author of Life Beyond Motherhood, Dignity of Womanhood and Publisher, online Magazine. I love Africa so much and I derive joy in telling the world about her beauty and strength. I share the challenges of the childless African community, providing Support, Encouragement and Empowerment. While guiding the childless African woman to trust God, I help her to understand her peculiarity, grieve properly, heal and embrace purpose. See my book: Life Beyond Motherhood on Amazon. Welcome to Africa.
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Lilian Chudey Pride


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