About me

About me



I am Lilian Chudey Pride, I trained as a Guidance Counselor, established and operated a Nursery and Primary School for thirteen years in my beautiful village in Sango Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria. 


I have Authored three books of which Life Beyond Motherhood journal/devotional is one. I am a Christian, lover of God and a teacher of the Word of God. 


I love operating shops, from Boutiques to utility shops, and I have recorded tremendous success doing that. 


I am also experienced at being ”NEW”, as my adventurous self keeps leading me into exploring new opportunities. Prior to declaring myself “unemployable” I had worked in various unrelated industries. 


Oh, did I forget to tell you that I love cocktails? And I make amazing varieties too!!! 

I love cooking and I have received ovations from acquaintances for being a great host/entertainer. 


This simple introduction of myself, has reminded me that all it takes to be purposeful, is to trust God and then, look right inwards to draw from the stored up resources to take up a new challenge. 


I have dedicated myself to serve, encourage, empower and help that childless woman out there to get up from shame and stigma, to trust God, understand her peculiarity, heal properly and embrace her purpose,


I am gracefully serving each day, to transform one woman at a time in this regard. 


Your sister for life, 


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Hello, I am Lilian Chudey Pride. Good to welcome you to my online world. I am a Writer, Teacher, Encourager, Author of Life Beyond Motherhood, Dignity of Womanhood and Publisher, iwriteafrica.com online Magazine. I love Africa so much and I derive joy in telling the world about her beauty and strength. I share the challenges of the childless African community, providing Support, Encouragement and Empowerment. While guiding the childless African woman to trust God, I help her to understand her peculiarity, grieve properly, heal and embrace purpose. See my book: Life Beyond Motherhood on Amazon. Welcome to Africa.
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Lilian Chudey Pride


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