BAOBAB, Tree of Life…Only in Africa

BAOBAB, Tree of Life…Only in Africa

Call it Baobab, tree of life, or better still, nature’s multivitamin, whatever name you choose to call it must have been drawn from its extremely nutritious and numerous health benefits, and it is well deserved.

Baobab is said to be the thickest tree on earth. It is very rich in Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Potassium, Phosphorus. It is also known for its Vitamin C level which is exceptionally high. There is much more to this fruit than its nutrition, it is very rich in over 50% Dietary Fibre which works wonders; helping to reduce your glycaemic response when mixed with food with high glycaemic index. It has the ability to lower the glycaemic index substantially; helps those with diabetics, manages sugar levels, aids the growth of a healthy intestinal micro-biome. Baobab oil is extracted from seed, amazing for the body, it’s now being added to a variety of beauty products accross the world. Moreso, it creates great income opportunity for Africans who live in rural areas, putting food on their tables, and adding smiles on their faces.  This tree is indeed a life saver.

Aged Baobab Tree

This gift of God to mankind is one of the longest living things on earth. Its history of longevity reveals a tonne about its unending usefulness to man. The Baobab tree is massive in size and has been around in many parts of Africa for over 2000 years. Amazingly, this tree survives in extreme weather and thrives in extremely dry lands. Almost every part of Baobab is edible and beneficial to health. With its many branches which look like roots atop a tree, could sometimes make someone think that the tree is growing upside down. It is a very unique tree that offers wonderful shade to many who take shelter under it. This tree offers a good rallying point for young African children playing with their peers.


This beautiful gift of nature can be found in Angola, The Republic of Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Mozambique, Kenya, Senegal, Madagascar, Nigeria, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and the list goes on.

Inside of the Baobab fruit is a powdery pulp surrounded by many seeds. When you hold this fruit in your hand, just know that you are in possession of an amazing miracle which is about to change your life for good. In Zimbabwe, for example, the back of the Baobab tree which contains Calcium, is cut out, burnt, and the ash is used to clean the teeth, leaving it sparkling clean. The leaves are burnt and the smoke inhaled to treat coughs and cold, the root is not left out as it is used in different ways for different purposes. The Herero people of Namibia hold the Baobab tree sacred because they believe that life came from it.

Baobab Seeds and Pulp

Many African communities and cultures have different notions, values and uses of this wholesome tree, its fruits, seeds and pulp. They have used them for centuries in treating various ailments, and trust their efficacy.

When you think of visiting or coming to Africa, remember to look out for Baobab, enjoy it with your smoothie, water, bread and snacks.

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