Voice Of Yoruba: Sonorous tones from Egbe Omo Yoruba, Greater Miami Valley

Voice Of Yoruba: Sonorous tones from Egbe Omo Yoruba, Greater Miami Valley

Africans and their indigenous communities are at home in many parts of the world. The Yoruba, with majority indigenous population of the Yoruba Tribe in Western Nigeria, and found also in Benin Republic in West Africa as indigenous people; and several parts of the world, are known for their dedication to home, culture, and camaraderie that endear them to other people around the world.

One of the communities of these Oduduwa descendants with thriving business, social, educational and professional presence is the Egbe Omo Yoruba of the Greater Miami Valley, Dayton, Ohio, United States with a staunch and sonorous tone on its Voice Of Yoruba Newsletter.

Edited by Professor Adedeji Bodunde Badiru, a professor of professors, maestro of Project Management, authority in Industrial Engineering and all-round-life enthusiast; Voice Of Yoruba reverberates through Greater Miami Valley, United States to various locations in the United States and many countries across the globe with its devoted, timeous contents on its website, www.VoiceOfYoruba.org. It is not just the voice of the Yoruba, it is an African Voice, dedicated to promoting language, home, family, food, fashion, style, socials, entrepreneurship and various issues that connect, unite and define us as people of community, determined to thrive wherever they are planted.

Voice of Yoruba treats its readers, members and public to scintillating contents that cut across health, socials, birthdays, recommended readings, African cuisine and foodstuff markets and Supermarkets, Time Management guidelines professionally delivered in the unputdownable book Rapidity,written by Prof. Badiru,from the stable of ABICS Publications; and various promotional content for Yoruba, Nigerian and African businesses.

One of the recent editions of Voice Of Yoruba is linked here for your enjoyable reading digest and follow-up. Talk about the fresh fish, Ponmo, bokoto, saki with Egusi, Efo riro etc) and pounded yam or Amala, if you are in Greater Miami area or planning to visit, check out various Nigerian Restaurants with their  contact details in this newsletter. And if you are in need of logistics to do shipment from the United States to Nigeria, and other parts of Africa, you can reach Universal Export & Logistics LLC, United States.

Click here for Link to Voice OF Yoruba: www.voiceofyoruba.org


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