Take a break!!!

Take a break!!!

Take a break!!! It pays to cool off from time to time. I found myself working and walking, then suddenly, I heard myself telling me to stop and relax. So, some days I decide to host myself. I take Me, Myself and I to nice places where I spend quality time with this important persons, Me, Myself and I.

You can do the same. I suddenly realized that we are sometimes too hard on ourselves that we think we do not need that little pampering. We work, and work, and forget to take this big break which our body craves so desperately.


Take yourself out for a long walk. I love taking me, myself and I for a long walk, this affords me the opportunity to spend quality time with me. This helps me to know myself better, understand my body and discover the areas where I need improvement.

Give yourself a feast. I like being kind to myself, often times, I treat myself to a nice feast, I tell myself that it is not only when I sit in a fancy hotel or restaurant that I can have nice looking/ appetizing food. So, I locate a nice park, make some nice meals, take my coffee blend, and off I go . I also go feed some pigeons and or listen to birds singing. These things make my day a great one.

Visit a zoo. Go spend some time watching animals and observe their behaviors. This has a great calming effect on your body. These would help lower your stress level.

Go to Spa. Get some massage, enjoy good manicure and pedicure. Your self esteem will be boosted. At least that’s how I feel.

Drive a long distance without a particular place in mind. This is one of my favorites. I just have nice music on, enjoying this long drive with me, myself and I. What a great company!!!

Go shopping, or locate a new coffee shop around the neighbourhood. Sit there, make your order and enjoy the beautiful company of yourself and feel as if you are now living in a fantasy Island. Let go of any bad vibe, just key in to this very all important moment.

Go to a library. Take your time, look around the shelves, pick a poetry book, cookery book, comedy or as your mood demands, but make it fun. You may not be reading so seriously, but try to sit there and enjoy this serene environment, enjoy the quietness of this place which does not happen all the time.

Plan a getaway. Leave your house, get a hotel with organic features, switch off all social media handles. Get a nice notebook and a nice pen. Write a poem. Jot down some wonderful memories. Get room service, get some quality sleep. Be intentional about this.

These are tried and tested. They will work wonders for you. Your overall health will improve, you will return to work rejuvenated and with a sweet, positive spirit.

Those are some of the things I enjoy doing. Life is precious, be kind to yours.


Hello, I am Lilian Chudey Pride. Good to welcome you to my online world. I am a Writer, Teacher, Encourager, Author of Life Beyond Motherhood, Dignity of Womanhood and Publisher, iwriteafrica.com online Magazine. I love Africa so much and I derive joy in telling the world about her beauty and strength. I share the challenges of the childless African community, providing Support, Encouragement and Empowerment. While guiding the childless African woman to trust God, I help her to understand her peculiarity, grieve properly, heal and embrace purpose. See my book: Life Beyond Motherhood on Amazon. Welcome to Africa.
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