About Us

iwriteafrica.com was created to promote Africa, her rich soil, her beauty and strength through inspired articles and photographs.

Our Mission is AFRICA to the world and the world with Africa. Our Vision is growing Africa’s potentials, peoples and prospects using our various categories on this platform, connecting globally on cultural, social, economic, education and general well being of our peoples.

We will strive to promote contents that proffer useful guidance to quality family life for individuals and communities; enhance understanding of, and visibility for businesses, corporate patrons, as well as provide value for visitors to our site.

Our magazine will throw more light on Africa’s great potentials, achievements and seek solutions that have been tested and tried, and found to be effective in other environments through informed dialogues and commentaries in addressing our various challenges.

iwriteafrica will point out opportunities in and around our vicinity that may aid the African child and youth to a path way for better thought pattern for a more fruitful future.

We will encourage handiwork, self worth and the power of prayer.

iwriteafrica.com will, intentionally, bring Africa’s rich and amazing cultural heritage and values to the world and provide a true guide to that person out there who has been yearning to understand, know and visit Africa.

Africa is said to be the world’s second largest and most populous continent, home to 54 distinct countries.

Africa as a continent is known for her wonderful depositions, food and fashion are but a few of what makes Africa a place of Pride. Her rich tradition of arts and craft, sculpture, pottery, paintings and poetry are sure to make you want to be a part of this beautiful land.

Join us here to see a lot of Africa’s Land, Wildlife, weather, seeds and nuts, fruits, spices and her amazingly creative People.

Welcome to Africa.